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Kingsoft Office Reader for Android Free


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Kingsoft Office Reader for Android Free
Kingsoft Office Reader for Android is a free office document viewer for your android cell phone and tablet devices. It includes three parts: Word reader, Excel reader and PowerPoint reader. With Kingsoft Office Reader for Android you can read Microsoft Office documents in .doc, .docx, .txt, .ppt, .xls and .xlsx files formats.

Kingsoft Office Reader for Android is a fully functional documents viewer, it shows all text and embedded objects, such as: photos, graphs, shapes and more. With Kingsoft Office Reader for Android, you can have a user friendly experience. The interface is simplistic and very easy to navigate. There is a Thumbnail wall to help you quickly allocate specific files you want. The built-in file manager supports to sort, find, select, copy, delete, rename and reallocate all your files and folders. You can also share your files easily by Email, and any cloud storage which supports WebDAV protocol.

Key Features:

- Solid compatibility with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. The input format options are (97-2010) .doc, .docx and .txt; (97-2010) .xls and .xlsx; (97- 2003) .ppt.
- Support all text and ombedded objects, such as charts, photos, graphs, text boxes and more.
- Built-in Email application makes it easy to send office files as attachment or download to view.
- Close integrated with cloud storage, which allows you to download/upload files conveniently and share them freely. The cloud storage includes and other cloud storage which supports WebDAV protocol, such as: Google Doc, Dropbox and so on.
- File manager makes it easy to manage files on your cell phone or tablet devices. You can sort, find, select, copy, delete, rename and reallocate all your files and folders.

Key Word Reader Features:
- Select text.
- Set the lay out of pages.
- Zoom in/out to check files at your convenience.
- Choose to view in full screen.
- Search text in the whole document.

Key Excel Reader Features:
- Use filter to deal with complicated data.
- Freeze panes to view large spreadsheet conveniently.
- Choose to view in full screen.
- View the automatic summary results including Sum, Count, Average and others.

Key PowerPoint Reader Features
- View in full screen.

* Platforms : Android
Kingsoft Office Reader for Android Free
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